2015 Northwoods Journal


February has been a very busy month here and in Ely with the annual Art Walk, Winter Festival and Wolf Track Classic Sled Dog Race. The snow sculptures are impressive. We certainly enjoyed everyone who took the events and winter activities. There were alot of hearty folks who bundled up and took it all in--dog sledding, snowshoeing, skiing, snowmobiling and a warm sauna at the end of the day. It's been a cold month/winter, another nice snowfall coming down today for a fresh new winter look.

BathroomIn January, just before the winter rush, I decided to "update" the upstairs bathroom in Cabin #11--nothing like pending arrivals to keep a project on schedule. With JR's help the remodeling project was completed right on time.

I was going for a fresh cottage look/feel in this vacation home rental with the new paint color, a shutter style vanity, new bath hardware and wall light fixture.


Busy, busy long holiday weekend ahead! There's fresh snow on the ground, it's the second weekend of the Winter Festival and the snow sculptures have held up nicely in the park AND it's Valentine's weekend.Fishing

For those of you not too thrilled with the winter season I stumbled upon a fun and interesting blog a while back. If you'd rather daydream about open water and warmer weather check out this piece that explains just what a fish sees when you drop your line and favorite bait in the water.


Online_ReservationsMuch of my "spare" time at the end of 2014 was spent implementing a new online reservation program. We went live in mid-January and so you can now check availability online AND make a reservation via our web site, TripAdvisor, ResortsandLodges.com, Booking.com and even Facebook.


The Ely Winter Festival is officially in full swing. The snow sculpturers took shape over the weekend. We were busy here at the resort so I hope to be able to get into Ely early this week myself to see them. The photos popping up on Facebook show some impressive sculptures!


I've posted about the MN DNR's new trailer licensing requirement and while the rule still exists, the DNR recently announced that they are delaying the implementation. I would still encourage everyone to take the time to go through the process. Here is a link to the MN DNR trailer requirements.


Top 10 ResortNorthern Lights Lodge and Resort is ranked #4 on the ResortsandLodges.com TOP 10 Minnesota Cabin Getaway List! Can you all pick 'em or what!


Cold!Question of the the Day: What does it mean when you go outside in the morning and think to yourself "oh! it's not too cold today" and then you look at the thermometer and it's -27!

Best answer I can come up with is that it's probably a good thing that you've gotten used to it!


It snowed, it's snowing! We finally got enough snow for JR to have to plow the driveway. It's nice to see and it sure is beautiful outside.


Yesterday afternoon Gary and I were commiserating that 2015 was off to a spectacular start when one of the cabin furnaces broke/quit early New Year’s night while occupied (of course) and with temperatures of -15 (my superstar husband drove to the Twin Cities for the part and had it up and running again by 2pm!).  The Quick family from Iowa was FANTASTIC and we kept them warm and cozy with extra firewood and an electric “fireplace”.

Today, that all seems so very trivial as we learn that our Osceola Wisconsin “neighbor”, friend and guest, Brent Clausen, passed away after being diagnosed with cancer in November.  I am grateful that we were able to spend time with Brent and Monica last September. Rest in peace Brent aka Superman.


2015That's a wrap as we push 2014 out the door. It was certainly a "different" and eventful year but we were blessed to share it with all of you. See you next year!



Life in the Northwoods

When we first decided to make Northern Lights Lodge our home in January of 2001 we knew that life was going to be different.

What I never imagined when Gary convinced me to become a Resorter was the friendships--how so many of our guests would become family and each return visit is like having a family reunion!

I never expected to have so much fun and so I started Marie's Northwoods Journal. Keep in mind, that this was "way" back before anyone even knew what a blog was. I've not converted my journal to what you would now call a traditional "blog" because the format just doesn't work for me.

This journal is a bit like a good old fashioned letter to home or a scrapbook and it's become a way for me to keep in touch. The journal is a collection of my thoughts, a glimpse into our lives and a way for me to reflect upon life here at the Resort.

There are ALWAYS stories to tell, (some that I'll not ever Journal here!) and maybe someday I will heed your advice and attempt to write a book or if I wait long enough, my memoirs!

The years go by faster and faster and so I hope that you enjoy my journal and photo albums as much as I enjoy spending the time with you.

So, don't be a stranger, stay in touch.



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Daisy the Wonder Dog



Our Yellow Lab, Daisy, is best described as a typical Resort dog. She loves being with our Resort guests and she loves to eat! Daisy is nearing the age of 11 and she is unwillingly slowing down a bit. She'll hop in your boat if you ask her to go fishing with you and she won't hesitate to retrieve that ball or stick (no matter where you throw it) and she loves to relax in the evenings around the bonfire or picnic table!

Meet Minnie

Oh My--We've Got Another Dane!


Age 8 Weeks & 26 lbs.


Minnie at 4 Months

Minnie 9 Months

Minnie at 9 Months



Bella: Age 1 Year (09/12)


Bella aka The Billy Goat
6 Months


Bella -- 3 Months

Bumper Sticker

Having a Great Dane in your life means that there are just a few sayings that you learn to live with:

  • Look at the size of those feet!
  • That's the biggest dog I've ever seen.
  • Where's her saddle?
  • Who's walking who, anyway?
  • How much does she eat?
  • Where does she sleep?
  • Looks like you have your hands full!
  • How big is that thing?
  • That's a really big Dalmatian!
  • It's still a puppy? You're kidding, right?
  • Big poop piles?

No One Loves You
Like a Great Dane!



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